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The Bombay Incorporated Law Society

The Bombay Incorporated Law Society was incorporated in 1894 as an establishment of institution of Articled Clerks and training before being admitted as an attorney.

Since then, the society was incorporated with objects of supporting and protecting the character, status and interest of the legal profession, generally and particularly, of solicitors and attorneys.

Mr. Kaiwan Dossabhoy Kalyaniwalla

Firm: Maneksha & Sethna
Date of Enrolment: 04/11/1989

Mr. Marezban Padam Bharucha
Vice President

Firm: Bharucha & Partners
Date of Enrolment: 07/11/1973

Mr. Nilesh Ramesh Modi
Hon. Secretary

Firm: Rustamji & Ginwala
Date of Enrolment: 04/11/1989

Mr. Yazdi Piroj Dandiwala
Hon. Assistant Secretary

Firm: Mulla & Mulla & Cragie Blunt & Caroe
Date of Enrolment: 01/11/1974

Mr. Dinsoo Ratanshaw Zaiwalla

Firm: Zaiwalla & Co.
Date of Enrolment: 19/11/1965

Mr. Dawood Taherbhai Mandviwala

Date of Enrolment: 28/10/1980

Mr. Prakash Vasantlal Mehta

Firm: Malvi Ranchoddas & Co.
Date of Enrolment: 04/11/1966

Mr. Priyahas Anant Jani

Firm: Vigil Juris
Date of Enrolment: 04/11/1982

Mr. C Rashmikant

Firm: Rashmikant and Partners
Date of Enrolment:

Mr. Mihir Mody

Firm: K. Asher & Co
Date of Enrolment:

Mr. Shailesh S. Vaidya

Firm: Kanga & Co.
Date of Enrolment: 24/04/1983

Mr. Rajan Motiram Jayakar

Firm: Jayakars
Date of Enrolment: 29/04/1975

Mr. Ferzana Behramkamdin

Firm: FZB & Associates
Date of Enrolment:

Mr. Ashok A. Paranjpe

Firm: MDP Partners
Date of Enrolment: 29/04/1987

Mr. Darius Feroze Dalal

Firm: Jehangir Gulabbhai & Bilimoria & Daruwalla
Date of Enrolment: 08/12/2003